Orders of the Rose and Coronaria

Kingdom of Lochac

Before there were Kings, there were Queens.
Before there were Knights, Laurels, Pelicans or Masters of Defence, there was a Queen.
Before there were Countesses and Duchesses, there was the Order of the Rose. 

Image: Canon in honour of Henry VIII, 1516, written around the Tudor Rose - Henry VIII's Psalter, The British Library

Welcome to the Orders of the Rose and Coronaria across the Kingdom of Lochac!

In the first years of the society, Champions vied for the honour to raise their Consorts to be Queen. This was a time in Crown Tournaments where men were the fighters and women were consorts to be named Queen. 

It was in AS II (1967) the Order of the Rose was founded to recognise those who had reigned as the Queen of Love and Beauty with equal rank with to those who reigned as King. 

Since those days, the Society has grown to embrace inspirational equality, and the titles of Soverign and Crown Consort are used. The Crown Consort is any person who serves to inspire their combatant to victory in a Crown Tournament.

The Crown Consort continues the link to our earliest Queens. This link has been forged across the years, and it holds great significance for Companions of the Rose across the Known World.

In the Kingdom of Lochac, we also recognise and include those who served as Vicereign, and the Companions of the Order of the Coronaria. These Companions served Lochac before we became a kingdom, and paved the path for the Companions of the Rose. 

The Order of the Rose hold great responsibility, supporting and providing counsel to the Crown and Heirs, and encouraging chivalric and courteous behaviour amongst all of the populace. 

Entrants of the Roses Tournament with the Rose patrons in the centre. Photo by THL Ceara Shionnach, April 2015.