History of the Order

The Order of the Rose for the SCA was founded January 6, 1968 (A.S. II) by Queen Sheryl of Thespis (now known as Countess Amina Sherana de Talavera) to honour those who had been Queen/Consort or who had been the lady to a fighter who had won one of the first tourneys when there were no queens.

As we grew as a Society, both within the SCA and mundane worlds, it was recognised that not all Crowns may be a male and female pair and as such we use the terminology Sovereign, being the combatant victorious in the Crown Tournament, and Consort for the person they fought for. King, Queen, Crown Prince and Crown Princess are reserved titles within the SCA but are not required to be used. Many Crowns across the Known World have elected to use alternate titles that fit with their reign theme or gender expression. 

Heraldry of the Queen of the West

This award was created to grant those who had reigned as Consort of Love and Beauty to give them equal rank with those who had reigned as Sovereign (who were, in the early days, automatically Knights if they weren’t before they won the tournament). Historically the Crown of the respective kingdom was referred to as King and Queen. 

In the very early days of the SCA, if a fighter was not a Knight and they won the Crown Tournament, they were offered Knighthood. The Order of the Rose was created to give an equivalent title, as Countess (and Duchess) did not exist at the time.

Similarly, the terminology of Queen by Grace and Beauty has been replaced with Queen (or alternate title) of Grace and Courtesy.

The Order of the Rose in Lochac

The Order of the Rose was created when Lochac was elevated to Kingdom on 6th July A.S. XXXVI (2002). Following our parent Kingdom of the West, those who have reigned as Consorts are automatically inducted into the Order after their reign. Within Lochac, this award is non-armigerous as Consorts are elevated to the Royal Peerage with a Patent of Arms (County), not with the Rose.

The members of the Order are charged with supporting and assisting the Crown and Their Heirs, and encouraging chivalric and courteous behaviour among all members of the Society.

Arms of the Princess of Lochac

Today, the Order of the Rose exists throughout the Known World.

The Order of the Rose is not exclusive to Lochac and extends the courtesy to all who have ruled as Crown Consorts who reside within Lochac. We recognise those who have created the path before us, and those who inspire the Coronets across the known world and welcome them in all activities.

In Lochac you may hear the Order referred to as the Ladies of the Rose. This has been a historical description for the Roses only. In Lochac, we are inclusive of both orders, and preferential term is for us to be referred to as the Companions of the Orders.

Virtues of the Roses