Roses Activities

Roses Tea

Each Rowany Festival, at the conclusion of the Roses tournament, a tea is held for all to gather and enjoy each other’s company. All previous Royal consorts who attend Rowany Festival are welcome to join in the social time, make new friends and take the time to relax and offer support.

From time to time the Order of the Rose along with the sitting Consort, may host a Queen’s Tea, or Consorts Tea, where members of the populace are invited to sit with them during a tournament or other activity and allow an opportunity for any aspiring consorts to ask questions and get to know the Roses and Coronaria a little better.

Rose Tournament

The Roses of the Lochac sponsor a tournament at Rowany Festival to encourage the display of chivalry, courtesy, and prowess in armoured combat. The format varies, and the list is open to all authorised combatants.